Prep Your Skin for The Wedding Season with These Simple Steps

Winter is here, and the wedding season is in full swing too. Lo and behold, Indian weddings are big stuff, and even though it’s not your wedding day, for the majority of women gearing up for the wedding season, can be slightly tiring and time-consuming. From selecting the correct makeup techniques that go along with your outfit to maintaining a healthy glow throughout the nuptials. The pregame can be very complicated and requires patience because patience is a virtue. To ace the prep game and achieve the sultry look follow these five simple steps.

Cleansing is a must

To achieve that clear look, start with the initial and most crucial step which is cleansing, but opting for a cleanser that is best suited for your skin is tricky because hordes of facewash already exist in the market. The new Multigreens Face Cleanser by Happier has nourishing ingredients and are formulated with a nourishing blend of antioxidant greens that leave your skin squeaky clean without stripping off its natural oils or over drying it afterwards. The cleanser also locks in moisture and leaves the skin soft and supple, thereby making your cleansing experience refreshing.

Hydration is key

The secondary step is always hydrating the skin’s deepest layer, and only sheet masks can provide deep hydration. Sheet masks are the new buzz in town and are trending all over on various social media platforms. These masks differ from your usual peel-off masks, which are often messy to apply. Sheet masks are easy and require less prep for the application. There are several sheet masks available for revitalization, each suitable for a different skin type. Carepop introduced a variety of sheet masks, but the hot selling one is the Red Ginseng sheet mask. This sheet mask’s active ingredient is red ginseng, which is known for its rejuvenation properties.

Moisturizing is important

Moisturizing is the third step to add radiance to your face. Keep one thing in mind: don’t ditch your moisturizing cream; trust us, you will thank us later. Moisturizing after cleansing and hydration can do wonders for your skin, and to achieve that dewy look, moisturizer is a must-have product. Finite Skincare offers a face moisturizing cream that is suitable for all skin types. This product adds a beautiful touch to your skin and aids in rebuilding of the skin’s natural barrier, resulting in a softer and smoother skin texture and appearance.

Base makeup

The fourth step is the application of base makeup to look ethereal at any event or occasion. The wedding season is all about enhancing your glamorous streak and intensifying your makeup skills So show a bit of self-love and buy yourself a present, and what could be better than a makeup-kit gift box that will only exemplify your beauty? MILAP Cosmetics offers a makeup box set for women that include 11 essential makeup items. Begin by applying makeup primer, then apply pro-concealer under your eyes. Next, pour foundation onto your palm or dab it with your makeup sponge and apply it consistently. Finally, apply lip balm to prep your lips, and then apply lipstick, liquid matte lipstick, or stick matte lipstick as desired.

Glamming the Eyes

The final step is to add allure to your eyes and an unblemished glow to your complexion. For the final result, one must add flare to their eyes by choosing black and tinted eyeshadow for that Smokey eye look. And to lessen the appearance of prominent dark circles, one must apply a colour corrector to enhance the look of the eyes. Recode Studios offers an eyeshadow palette, along with a beauty concealer and colour corrector for visible uneven skin tone. A complete makeup look can be achieved with professional makeup tools.