International Men’s Day: 6 Superfoods Men Should Add To Their Daily Diet

All of us know the benefits of a good diet and healthy superfoods. You stock up the vegetables, fruits in your refrigerator. How about the superfoods you should eat daily? Superfoods are globally known for their nutritive value and should be incorporated in daily diet.

As you may know, studies suggest that men are prone to a number of chronic diseases as compared to women. Being prone to chronic diseases makes it essential for men to take corrective measures to lower their risk of developing ailments.

Mugdha Pradhan, CEO & Founder of iThrive and Aman Puri, Founder, Steadfast Nutrition share a list of superfoods that would ensure a healthy you.

Eggs – Egg protein contains a lot of the amino acid leucine, which helps muscles grow and become stronger than other proteins do.

Animal Fats- Animal fats like ghee and butter are excellent sources of Vitamin E. Antioxidants like Vitamin E have been linked to lowering the risk of cancer, arthritis, and cataracts. Vitamin E can also help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Gluten Free Grains- Gluten free grains diets offer fibre, vitamins, and minerals. These are the supporting elements for weight control, muscle growth, and heart health.

Nuts: Include a mixture of nuts such as almonds, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, and peanuts in your diet to improve good cholesterol, maintain weight, and lower your risk of diabetes.

Dark chocolate: Dark chocolate contains flavonoids, which help maintain heart health by producing nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. Flavonoids also reduce bad cholesterol.

Flax seeds: Flaxseeds are a nutrient powerhouse. They’re a good source of antioxidants, good fats, fibre, and protein, which lowers the risk of some cancers, maintains a healthy weight, improves cholesterol, and lowers blood pressure. Men can include one teaspoon of flax seeds in their diet every day.