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We are evangelizing in a little different way as our tent has been in the same place for a number of months and we are sending out outreach teams on a continual basis from our main camp here. We work very closely with the local fellowships. We have seen some good fruit. We hope to move the big tent in these weeks to San Miniato. I cannot say we have seen great revival but we have seen people coming to the Lord on a continual basis and the name of Jesus preached to all the zones we work in. This is one of the advantages of having a large team out every day preaching the Word.

I do not want to bore you with a lot of missionary stats and indirect fund requests but I do want to ask you to keep us before the Lord in prayer as the difficulties at times seem insurmountable. The pressure is always greater and greater and we must always exercise more faith just to exist as a ministry.  Money cannot buy happiness, but it sure makes misery easier to live with around here.

We are celebrating 40 years of existence as a mobile ministry. Boy, are we getting old. I am supposed to respect my elders, but its getting harder and harder for me to find one now. Are we passing into the promised land now? Or is it just a sign to rejoice in that we have been able to preach the gospel in this way for so long. (maybe both) If there is a future in this old world we want to be out there with Jesus name lifted higher.

I am still baptizing x Muslims we just had a baptism the other week. It is such a blessing to see them come to the Lord. If any thing gets me a ticket home quick it may be that.

We had a young man come into camp. He was dressed in Buddhist robes. And looked as if he was from Tibet. He came to my container and we talked. He spoke perfect English. I asked his name and he said he had no name. I insisted and he said Mickey Mouse. I said ok Micky where are you from. "HE SAID HIS MOTHER." I asked for a physical location. I insisted and he said DISNEY LAND. I thought well that is logical. I told him, you found the right group. I said look at this rate if you continue like this we will probably make you an elder. And that was just day before yesterday.

I could continue, but I do not want to bore you. With a hundred folks every day is an adventure. I just got through ministering to a sister who is always having dreams and visions. After wards I felt I had been to the horror movies. Did she have some dreams I must say? But I could not interpret any of them. (at least not today).

There is a whole group of girls coming from Rome for spiritual enlightenment. I pray they get saved. (My son needs a wife). A lot more is happening, but I will save it for when I really do not have much to say. Please keep us on your heart.

Bro. Clark

P.S. I always say: Where there is a will, I want to be in it.

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Christ is the Answer Italy invites you to come and work with us in the Lord's ripe harvesting of souls.

Christ is the Answer International Ministries is made up of 13 teams in different parts of the world. Clark Slone and a group of eight elders are responsible for the Italian mission team, which is made up of around 100 full-time laborers. We live in a mobile camp sharing the daily responsibilities of the workload.

The Christ is the Answer tent team has been in Italy for 44 years, continually moving from city to city, towns and villages, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Salvation.

We hold nightly meetings under the big tent that has the capacity 3,000 people. Small evangelistic teams are sent out each day to hold open-air meetings, with singing, testifying, preaching and street drama and also periodically going into hospitals, nursing homes, and prisons.

Ministering in the open air meetings, street drama, children's meetings, women's meetings, and visiting the sick in the hospitals. There are also many other things to do in camp, from practical work to teaching school.

There is something for everybody. New ministries are also developed as additional brethren come into the work and bring their talents and abilities. We have a daily Bible study and a time for personal study and/or relaxation. Serving one another is truly a blessed life. Whatever abilities you have we could put to good use.

You are welcome to come visit, see the work for yourself and participate. We are always praying for full-time laborers. Any donation help that you can give to get the gospel out, is greatly appreciated.

GOD IS HIRING. We pray to see you soon on the mission field!

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